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  • Pure ZMA Supplement

  • 3  active ingredients

  • Improves muscle development

  • Enhances sleep quality

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Energy (kj) 0 kj 0 kj
Energy (cal) 0 cal 0 cal
Protein 0.0 mg 0.0 mg
Carbohydrates Total 0.0 mg 0.0 mg
Fat Total 0.0 mg 0.0 mg
Sodium 0.0 mg 0.0 mg
Magnesium Aspartate 1374 mg 91.6 g
Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate 99 mg 6.6 g
B-6 Pyidoxine HCL 27 mg 1.8 g


100% Pure ZMA - Magnesium Aspartate 91.6%, Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate 6.6%, B-6 Pyidoxine HCL 1.8%.

Customer Reviews

Where reviews refer to dietary sports food; results may vary from person to person. Customer reviews are independent and in no way represent the views of Bulk Powders Pty Ltd.

ZMA overview

Effective levels of the minerals zinc and magnesium aspartate and is a popular supplement with gymgoers and bodybuilders. It is particularly effective for men (but can also be used by women as a natural test support, wellbeing and mood molecule supporter and sleep enhancer).

When we train and compete hard, we are often deficient in zinc and magnesium, but these two minerals are crucially important to sleep, recovery, sports performance, and the maintenance of the muscle development environment.

It is difficult to get enough zinc and magnesium from a whole food diet, and a quality ZMA supplement is the best way of ensuring measurable intake of these essential nutrients.

Zinc and magnesium work perfectly together which is why they are often found in one supplement such as our ZMA sport supplements.

Zinc is critical for proper muscle development, tissue repair, and cell health, and contributes to a robust immune system. It is also a natural test booster, often recommended to men struggling with fertility issues, since it has such powerful natural effects. Magnesium is important for sleep and athletic recovery, helps maintain optimal electrolyte balance and encourages good neuro-muscular function in and out of the gym.

Together, zinc and magnesium are absorbed well and will benefit athletes, bodybuilders and anyone seeking better body composition by improving sleep, boosting recovery and optimising wellbeing and mood molecules including test.

Our product formulation specialists use only the latest and finest ingredients and we offer high quality ZMA as a natural powder.


ZMA benefits

Boost test, balance electrolytes, improve energy, sports performance, sleep, recovery.

ZMA combines zinc and magnesium, both crucial to sports performance, energy, recovery and sleep. Most people are deficient in both zinc and magnesium, so supplementation is important. The effects of ZMA supplementation will be felt in and out of the gym, on sports performance, muscle gain, recovery and better sleep. ZMA acts as a safe and natural test booster for more mental focus, athletic drive, and muscle building potential.


ZMA dosage and suggested use

Powder: as a dietary supplement, mix 1g with 50ml of water and drink before bed. For optimum results consume on an empty stomach. Do not mix with any food, drink or supplements that contain fats or glucose. 1 x flat 1.5ml scoop of ZMA powder provides an estimated 1g serving. Scoop included in package.

Summary: Works well
Stack well with: Any post workout shake.
Great in post workout shakes or pre bedtime/relax time.. Also fine to chug as is straight down the hatch with water.
Review by John (Posted on 14/02/2022)
Summary: Smooth
Stack well with: Water
Bulk powders zma is very smooth and very effective when taken 30min before bed . Best to take this when in bed then relax and it takes over and the magic happens.
The zma locks you into rem sleep and if you wake up it's easier to go back to sleep .
Doesn't taste the best taken straight but it does the job .
Review by Jason (Posted on 9/08/2021)
Summary: Good stuff
Stack well with: N/A
Tastes awful. Works great. Just mix it well and just shot it down.
Review by Michael (Posted on 21/02/2019)
Summary: Great product
Stack well with: Everything
Very happy with this product. Mixes easily and taste is good. Would highly recommend trying this as it has high quantity compared to competitors products.
Review by Zee (Posted on 3/05/2018)
Summary: still trying to work it out
Stack well with: on it's own
I find it difficult to take this as directed, last thing at night on an empty stomach. I rarely have an empty stomach at bed-time. Normally, I eat, clean up, catch up on some tasks or a bit of t.v. and then get to bed as I'm an early riser.
I'm trying to take this when I get home from work (before dinner) or sometimes first thing in the morning on my fasting days.
My thinking that these are the times when my stomach is at it's emptiest and I may get the benefits.
My sleep has improved slightly, but I'm a difficult case so any improvement is welcome.
Review by Martin (Posted on 22/02/2018)
Summary: Awesome!!
Stack well with: D-aspartic acid
Feeling as though I'm sleeping and recovering heaps quicker since adding this to my supplement regime
Review by Brendan (Posted on 9/10/2017)
Summary: A male must have
Stack well with: BCAA
The three most important vitamins for men health and testosterone production, boost your natural test to its max with this clean straight great product..
Review by Rob (Posted on 14/06/2015)
Summary: What I needed
Stack well with: Mass gainer
I train around 7:30pm as my last session and after I sometimes struggle to sleep due to pump and basically agitated. But since I've been taking this I have had better deeper and longer sleeps at night and can also feel the results in muscle development
Review by Chris (Posted on 14/05/2015)
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