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Superfoods & Antioxidants

To take your body to the next level, you need to feed it nature's best superfoods. Our range of superfoods, vitamins and antioxidants help protect cells from toxins and free radicals and boost your body's ability to repair and regenerate. Superfoods are a special category of natural foods, dense in vital nutrients and high in bioavailable phytonutrients, long chain carbohydrates, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential omega 3s and 6s. To qualify as a superfood, they have to offer specific health benefits far beyond basic nutritional values. The best superfoods work in synergy with our bodies to nourish at cellular level. Anyone who works hard in the gym, in training or for their sport should supplement with superfoods and antioxidants. For optimum nutrition and health, take measurable doses of bodybuilding supplements such as vital greens – alfalfa, barely grass, wheat grass and spirulina or green tea, maca powder and goji berries. What are the best superfoods and how should you incorporate vital greens and other superfoods into your bodybuilding nutrition? Check out the products below or head over to the Locker Room.