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MCT - Medium Chain Triglycerides


9 Review(s)
  • Pure MCT Oil and Powder supplement

  • Improves recovery rate

  • Maintains lean muscle

  • Enhances energy systems fats

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MCT Powder
Energy (kj)310 kj3100 kj
Energy (cal)74 cal740cal
Protein0.43 g4.3 g
Carbohydrates Total2.27 g22.7 g
Fat Total7.0 g70.0 g
Sodium0.0 mg0.0 mg
Energy (kj)419 kj
Energy (cal)100 cal
Protein0.0 mg
Carbohydrates Total0.0 mg
Fat Total14.0 g
Sodium0.0 mg


MCT Powder: Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil (MCT Oil) 70%, Glucose Syrup, Milk Protein, Dipotassium Phosphate (E340ii), Tricalcium Phosphate (E341iii).


MCT Oil: 100% Pure Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT Oil) (Derived from Palm and/or Coconut Oil).

Customer Reviews

Where reviews refer to dietary sports food; results may vary from person to person. Customer reviews are independent and in no way represent the views of Bulk Powders Pty Ltd.

MCT overview

MCTs are a highly beneficial form of dietary fat, formed of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) which supply energy in a form which the body's energy systems find very easy to use for cardio and weight training. MCTs are considered a healthy good fat and are produced from coconut oil and palm kernels.

Coconut oil and coconut oil products are gaining popularity with bodybuilders, healthy eaters, Cross Fit athletes and Paleo dieters. Get right to the heart of coconut oil's health benefits by taking MCT oil or powder itself.

MCT oil or powder is a cost-effective way to harness all the health, nutrition and diet benefits of medium-chain triglyceride fats such as coconut oil.

MCTs have many benefits to any active individual, from bodybuilders to endurance athletes. MCTs can help prevent muscle breakdown, helping maintain lean muscle and improve recovery times even when dieting or watching calorie or carbohydrate intake.

MCTs minimise muscle breakdown, damage and loss by encouraging the body's production of ketones, used by the muscles as a preferred energy source, and by acting as amino acid carriers, helping to deliver proteins to muscle tissue where they can be absurd.

The body uses medium chain triglycerides as a preferential fuel source, which helps preserve muscle glycogen, offsetting glycogen depletion during intense workouts.

Most dietary fats are made up of long chain triglycerides (12-18 carbon atoms per chain) but MCTs consist of 6-10 carbon atoms per chain. This means they are absorbed more rapidly than LCTs and metabolised in a totally different way by the body, making them a much more useful type of dietary fat, particularly for bodybuilders and anyone eating to achieve better body composition. MCTs are converted into fuel for energy (even faster than glucose is) rather than being stored like LCTs tend to be. MCT oil is particulary useful in the morning before fasted cardio.

Our MCT Power is a superior pharmaceutical grade powder, produced in the Netherlands, the unique production process encapsulates the oil within the hosting powder to enable a user friendly, easy mixing, great tasting and very high 70% MCT oil based powder.


MCT benefits

Medium chain triglyceride healthy fats, energy, muscle protection, glycogen protection.

MCTs are particularly useful to bodybuilders and anyone following a low-carbohydrate diet approach, because they work so well at preventing muscle breakdown. They are an ideal dietary fat to supplement with whilst dieting down, cutting or low-carbing.


MCT  dosage and suggested use

Oil: As a dietary supplement consume 5-15mls 1-2 times daily or as required. For optimal results consume alongside foods or protein shakes. We recommend starting at half dose for the first week and increasing to a full serve over the second week of use. 1 x flat 5ml scoop provides 5mls of MCT Oil. Consume up to 3 x 5ml scoops for a 15ml serve. Scoop included in package.

Powder: As a dietary supplement consume 10-15g, 1-2 times daily or as required. For optimal results consume alongside foods or protein shakes. 

Summary:Best thing since sliced bread
Stack well with:Protein pudding
This MCT oil is not only flavourless and clear, but blends so well into coffee I don't need to use an actual blender to mix it in. I've noticed an increase in my ability to focus, a positive impact on my metabolism and helps put me in ketosis. I seriously love this oil and it was delievered so quickly and easily I just keep coming back for more.
Review by Jess (Posted on 26/04/2018)
Summary:Nice MCT Powder
Stack well with:-
A nice MCT powder that mixes with anything doesn't affect the taste, especially smoothies and desserts. And is cheaper then any competitors price, will buy this product again.
Review by piotr (Posted on 2/04/2018)
Summary:What a Pleasant Surprise
Stack well with:Will go with anything
I was expecting the MCT oil powder to change the taste of the coffee and was a little skeptical about purchasing it. My husband has mild dementia so for his sake I ordered it. We have both been using it in our coffee in the morning and it surprised us that it makes the coffee taste better than using milk. It is creamy and doesn't detract from the taste at all. MCT oil and powder is made from medium chain tryglicerides which are proven to increase memory.
Many thanks for a great product.
Review by Irene (Posted on 29/03/2018)
Summary:Awesome product!
Stack well with:Protein powdet
Awesome product, fast service and very affordable compared to other companies! Can highly recommend!
Review by Jane (Posted on 26/02/2018)
Stack well with:BCAA'S
A product that was hard to find at first but Bulk Powders to the rescue,Great product and super fast delivery..very happy !!
Review by Ian (Posted on 3/09/2017)
Summary:Manna from Heaven
Stack well with:Whey, Collagen
A delicious MCT powder that mixes with anything, especially smoothies and desserts, and doesn't give me heartburn like MCT oil does.
Review by CC (Posted on 22/07/2017)
Summary:Good product but leaks a bit
Stack well with:Any protein
Mixes well and doesn't negatively eafect the taste. The bottle is difficult to use as it often leaks down the sides. It's also should be stored upright. Will probably get powder instead from now on but it was unavailable at the time.
Review by CHRISTOPHER (Posted on 18/06/2017)
Summary:Great powder, just not for keto
Stack well with:Protein Isolate
After learning about MCT oil powder I was very keen to get my hands on some inside Australia which is where I found this.

Everything about the powder works great, it mixes in well, is palatable and makes getting MCT oil a much more streamlined and less messy process.

The only problem with this product is that I'm trying to maintain ketosis and this powder has carbs which limits the amount I can consume so I personally need to fall back to liquid MCT oil.
Review by Grant (Posted on 8/02/2017)
Summary:Game changer
Stack well with:Thermo Shred
After starting to take the MCT powder my workouts really went to the next level, I had more energy and still burning the unwanted weight. Add it to s shake to get a real milkshake taste and texture that is amazing and feels like a treat.
Review by Justyn (Posted on 14/06/2015)
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