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Our range of the best post workout carbohydrate supplements are proven to boost exercise performance, reduce fatigue and fast-track recovery. The use of highly absorbed fast acting carbohydrates post workout spikes insulin. Combine this with quality proteins to super charge your recovery.  

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  • Maltodextrin

    • Pure Maltodextrin supplement
    • Promotes delivery of nutrients
    • Enhances energy systems fast
    • Increase calorie content for bulk
    From $12.50
    $12.50 per unit

    6 Review(s)
  • Superfine Oats

    • Pure superfine oat supplement
    • Sustained carbohydrate energy
    • Maintains energy systems
    • Great addition to any shake
    From $15.00
    $15.00 per unit

    14 Review(s)
  • Sweet Potato Powder (Organic)

    • Pure sweet potato supplement
    • Gluten free & low GI carb
    • Sustains energy systems
    • Replenishes glycogen stores
    From $25.00
    $25.00 per unit

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