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Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine

5 Review(s)
  • Pure Beta Alanine supplement

  • Reduces muscle fatigue

  • Increases training endurance

  • Improves physical performance

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Energy (kj)25 kj1675 kj
Energy (cal)6 cal400 cal
Protein1.5 g100.0 g
Carbohydrates Total0.0 mg0.0 mg
Fat Total0.0 mg0.0 mg
Sodium0.0 mg0.0 mg


100% Pure Beta Alanine.

Customer Reviews

Where reviews refer to dietary sports food; results may vary from person to person. Customer reviews are independent and in no way represent the views of Bulk Powders Pty Ltd.

Beta Alanine overview

Beta-alanine is an amino acid often found in pre-workout supplements and intra-workout formulas. It is classed as a non-essential amino acid (because the body can create it) but it still makes sense to take a beta-alanine supplement in order to make the most of everything this amino acid can offer the body during training.

Beta-alanine combines with l-histidine in the body to form carnosine which is then concentrated within muscle tissue. A high concentration of carnosine in the muscles can boost muscular endurance, helping your muscle tissue work harder and for a longer time period. Carnosine (created by beta-alanine) has also been shown to buffer lactic acid build up, warding off fatigue and soreness.

Some people find that taking beta-alanine, either as a single supplement or as an ingredient within a pre-workout or intra-workout, can cause a tingling feeling and mild redness (this is often felt on the scalp and hairline). This is completely normal and to be expected. It is not harmful and is a natural response by the body to beta-alanine supplementation.

Beta Alanine benefits

Muscle endurance, energy, pre-workout, lactic acid buffer.

Beta-alanine is a popular ingredient in pre-workout and intra (during) workout supplements. It will give you an enhanced sense of energy, mental focus and drive, enabling you to train for longer, lift heavier and attack your training with more intensity. It boosts muscular endurance and buffers lactic acid, helping you to feel less tired and sore between workouts.

Beta Alanine dosage and suggested use

As a dietary supplement, mix (1.5g) beta-alanine powder with 50ml of water or non acidic juice 1-3 times daily or as required. Best taken pre-workout or as an intra-workout mix. We recommend that you cycle the use of beta-alanine, using it for 4 to 6 weeks before a break of 1-2 weeks of non-use.

Summary:Great Product
Stack well with:Creatine Monohydrate
Thank you Bulk Powders for your prompt service and a great product. I have been using this for about 8months now and I feel stronger, leaner and have much more endurance. A great product.
Review by Lorrie (Posted on 12/04/2018)
Summary:Beta Alanine
Stack well with:Arginine and creatine
Excellent quality. Use this pre workout. Current doing very high volume sessions and this product helps to buffer the lactic acid system and helps me squeeze out a few extra reps.
Review by Leigh (Posted on 5/03/2018)
Summary:Very effective
Stack well with:Creatine, Inferno, Extreme NOX V3
Fantastic product and really effective at a low dose! Beta alanine goes well with pre workouts and can be used to improve training intensity and focus which translates into greater muscle and strength gains.
Review by Shehan (Posted on 10/10/2017)
Summary:Works well
Stack well with:Nothing else yet
First off I'll say not all Beta Alanine products out there are the same. Previous to BP I bought some from a well known local supplier in Brisbane, it was double the price, half the amount and it was crap, barely had any effect.

From the moment I started using the B-Alanine from BP I noticed a real difference. As a cyclist it allows me to push harder for longer, especially when focusing on the VO2Max and Anaerobic power zones. As an example, typically without it I can push 340 -370 watts on a hill climb. With the B-alanine I find I can push closer to 400 watts and push it for longer. A noticeable difference.

Definitely worth a try
Review by Mark (Posted on 13/05/2015)
Summary:Does what it needs to
Stack well with:creatine monohydrate, citrulline malate
Gives me the tingles and focus to help motivate and push myself to the limit. Can't go wrong
Review by Brandon (Posted on 5/05/2015)
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