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Intra-workout Supplements

What are intra-workout supplements? They are the sports nutrition choices you make during your training session or on competition day. The best intra-workout supplements boost your energy and focus your mind whilst keeping your body hydrated and balanced with electrolytes. Tough training sessions, competitive sports events and match day demand a lot from your body and mind. You need to think carefully about the intra workout drinks you choose to take on board. Latest sports nutrition studies show that the best time to consume branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) or essential amino acids (EAAs) is during (intra) training or events. This maximises absorption and gives your body the benefits of early anti-catabolic muscle protection. What is the best intra-workout supplement? Find out more about BCAA supplements and other intra-workout supplements, check out the products below or head over to the Locker Room.