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Tri Creatine Malate

Tri Creatine Malate

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100% Pure Tri Creatine Malate

Customer Reviews

Where reviews refer to dietary sports food; results may vary from person to person. Customer reviews are independent and in no way represent the views of Bulk Powders Pty Ltd.

Tri creatine malate overview

Tri creatine malate is premium-grade creatine monohydrate bounced with malic acid, resulting in three creatine molecules to every one molecule of malic acid (hence the name). This formula makes for a highly-absorbed and very effective form of creatine supplement for fast, effective results.

Tri creatine malate is taken up quickly by the body and shuttled to muscle cells where it promotes short term muscle pump and long term muscle gain, shape and size. The creatine monohydtrate component of tri crteatine malate increases the body's production of ATP, its preferred source of energy, and the energy system responsible for muscle contractions. Tri creatine malate is thought to improve brain function and boost mental clarity, useful for intense training sessions. 

The combination of creatine monohydrate and malic acid in tri creatine malate means you benefit from best-quality creatine (energy, strength, power, endurance and muscle gain) with an enhanced level of energy production but typically will experience none of the water retention issues associated with simple creatine supplements.

Tri creatine malate benefits

Fast uptake of creatine, muscle pump, mental focus, increase training energy, muscle power

Tri creatine malate combines creatine monohydrate with malic acid, which vastly increases the speed at which the creatine is absorbed and taken up by the body. This means you need lower doses to see and feel the effects of the creatine monohydrate, which include greater production of ATP (the body's favoured energy source for muscle contractions), increases intracellular water (leading to muscle pump) and the ability to train harder and with more focus, leading to lasting muscle gain.

Tri creatine malate dosage and suggested use

As a dietary supplement, consume 4g with 250ml of water or non acidic juice (grapefruit juice) 1 to 3 times daily or as required. We recommend you cycle use for 4 to 6 weeks. followed by 1 to 2 weeks of non-use. 1 x flat 5ml scoop provides an estimated 4g serving. Scoop included in package.

Summary:Better the monohydrate..
Stack well with:Don't know
Very effective and didn't have to pre-load like the monohydrate. Good pump and getting harder is very easy....Motivates me to push further. Nice tangy taste.
Review by Francis (Posted on 21/05/2018)
Summary:hello bulk
Stack well with:MSM BCAA's and Protein
Hubby is showing improvements in his gains and his strength, and so am I. I cant wait to get bigger. I don't look like those professional ladies, for sure, but i do have some nice formed muscles and i can go further and harder when working out. My hubby loaded for a short period then dropped to a maintenance dose where as I just have the 1 scoop post workout.
Review by Sarah (Posted on 23/04/2018)
Summary:Would buy again
Stack well with:Mixing with Amino Acids
A bit critty, but that's expected. I add it to my BCAAs in a glass and have before a workout. Performance is improving. Has a tangy taste.
Review by kate (Posted on 21/05/2017)
Summary:Really good
Stack well with:WPI
This is my first Creatine supp and I did a lot of research beforehand to make sure that the I chose a product that did not have many of the side effects as some Creatine powders have. This one is pretty tasty (citrus) and is pretty mild to your stomach. Really easy to digest! If you mix it with protein powder, the mix tends to become a bit grainy so I would just mix it with water.
Review by Sarah (Posted on 31/03/2017)
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